R Programming

R is a free and open-source environment for statistical computing and graphics. It has a wide range of standard and cutting-edge statistical functions as well as add-in packages for specialised analyses. In addition, R allows to develop new functions for performing customised analyses. These can be packaged for the convenience of users.

We can:

  • develop customised functions
  • help in the development of R packages
  • development of shiny apps Shiny App Example.
  • implement interfaces to other programs, including Excel

Some recommended resources

  • Matloff, N. 2011. The Art of R Programming: A Tour of Statistical Software Design. No Starch Press: San Francisco.
  • Teetor, P. 2011. R Cookbook. O'Reilly Media: Sebastopol.
  • Jones, O. Maillardet, R. and Robinson, A. 2009. Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R. Chapman & Hall/CRC: Boca Raton.